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Group classes or one-to-one, DanceClub has something for everyone. All ages from pre-school to happily retired, let Dance Club show you how.

Ballroom Dancing

From the romantic waltz to the fast and fun quickstep. The five classic ballroom dances conjure up all that is style and glamour. Let the Tango bring out your attitude or swirl away in Viennese Waltz. Perhaps the Foxtrot is more your style? We cater for all dance personalities at Dance Club.

Latin American

The cheeky Cha Cha and the sensational Samba keep you on your toes in the faster Latin dances. But perhaps a sensual Rumba is more your thing, or the dramatic Paso Doble with it’s flamenco flourishes. One thing we do know is the Jive will get your heart beating fast.

Argentine Tango

Recognised in 2009 by UNESCO as part of the World Intangible Cultural Heritage, the Tango was developed by the urban lower classes in Buenos Aires and Montevideo in the Rio de la Plata basin. We can teach you the fundamental principles of this enigmatic dance to get you started on the beautiful journey that is Tango.

Sequence Dancing

Sequence Dancing is one of the fastest growing styles of dance, with many new dances being added each year. The set sequence of steps involved in Modern and Classical Sequence makes for a fun, social event. So, whether you Waltz with Catherine, Quickstep down Mayfair, or Two Step in Boston, we can help

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We have regular Ballroom and Latin American classes and workshops running throughout the year for absolute Beginners to more advanced dancers.


Whether it’s to perfect a single dance, to prepare for dance exams or to create the special First Wedding Dance, the private lesson is an excellent way to have dance lessons designed specifically for you.

Happy wedding couples

Grove Dance Workshops

Successful amateur dance exams

For your special day

All eyes will be on you. DanceClub can make it extra special with a dance designed just for both of you. Talk to us now about making memories with your wedding dance.

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once”  – Friedrich Nietzsche

The best time to begin is now

There’s nothing like dance to make you smile. And make you fit too. At DanceClub we want you to get the most you want to and if that’s just an enjoyable evening at a social dance, that’s fine by us.

But some of our dancers take it further, and we are able to support you to complete medals. And if you really want to don the sparkles and tails, then we can train you for competitions too.

Classes and lessons across south Oxfordshire

We get around. Take a look below to see where you can start learning now.


Didcot Baptist Church, 43 Wantage Road, Didcot, OX11 0BS.

Didcot Leisure Centre, Mereland Road, Didcot, OX11 8AY.


Abingdon Dance Studios, 63 Swinburne Road, OX14 2HF.

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For fun, fitness and wellbeing. 

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